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Windsurfing Equipment

Purchasing the right equipment for any sport or activity is essential to for the safety of the person(s) participating.  While windsurfing is fun and exhilarating it can also be extremely dangerous for riders.  Purchasing the correct windsurfing equipment will ensure you a safe and fun windsurfing adventure. 

Harness:  This is an essential piece of windsurfing equipment that connects the riding to the board or even the sail post. It is similar to a belt that is worn around the body that has a hook for attachment to the main line.  The main harness line is then attached to the board.  The harness allows you to take the control the board as a whole piece rather than piece by piece. 

Joint:  The joint is attached to the board and supports the sail pole.  It allows the sail to twist and turn as necessary allowing the rider to shift its position.  This is extremely beneficial for riders who cater to the style of the wind.  Also it makes the board harder to tip when pointed against the wind.  Overall the joint contributes to fun and safety while windsurfing. 

Footwear:  Many water sports use specific thermal booties that are used to keep feet warm using the same technique as a wetsuit.  The materials used act like insulation trapping in the users body heat.  This helps the rider to stay warm regardless of the water temperature and is also great at preventing hypothermia. 

Helmet: A helmet is perhaps the most important piece of windsurfing equipment.  While it has no function aiding the board or even movement of the user it is the key element keeping the rider safe in case of an accident.  If a rider falls or is thrown from their board the helmet will help prevent any head injury that could occur. 

Attire: Wetsuits are usually made from a foam-like material and is worn for all water sports. It provides thermal insulation as well as an extra level of padding protecting you from harm.  Different types of suits are made for different uses and different water temperatures.  Additionally there are multiple thicknesses of suits. 

Fin: The last piece of essential windsurfing equipment is a fin.  It is used on the back of the board to produce lift and thrust and to allow the rider to steer with the lean of their body.  They ensure stability and increased levels of movement and control.  They are similarly shaped to the feathered end of an arrow and they spin and turn as necessary.


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