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Windsurfing Clothes

While it is common to see people windsurfing in their typical swim wear, there is actually proper windsurfing clothes that should be purchased. One of the most important windsurfing components is the wetsuit because it protects the surfer from the rigors of windsurfing.   Wet suits protect against hypothermia by keeping your body at normal temperature regardless of the temperature of the water.  Additionally wet suit-style gloves and booties should be worn to protect your hands and feet, as well as to keep in heat.  Wet suits provide an additional layer of protection so that in case of an accident there is less of a chance you will be hurt.  Over the past few years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of wetsuit manufacturers that have designed wetsuits to cater to every demand of the surfers. 

While buying windsurfing clothing you must consider the type of clothing you are wanting to purchase as well as the brand and quality of the material.  Because wetsuits are such vital safety elements, it is recommended to research the item you are wishing to purchase before the actual purchase is made.  There are several renowned wetsuit manufacturers that buyers can choose from while making a purchase. Each one has their own styles and benefits, and each one is styled for a specific type of use.  When choosing a wet suit you should think first of safety, then of functionality, and lastly of style.  It is more important for your wetsuit to protect and act accordingly then to be in style. 

After purchasing your windsurfing clothing there are important steps you must take to ensure they continue to work properly and last accordingly.  Many wetsuits are made from a special material called neoprene, that allows surfers to retain their body heat by creating a layer of water between their body and the suit. This material requires special care to continue working properly.

1- Storage: It is important to always hang your suit up after use, instead of folding it.  This will help you to avoid creasing your suit which can, over time, lead to cracks.  Additionally it allows the suit to maintain its normal shape. 

2- Cleaning:  Do not wash your suit in a washing machine, or attempt to wash it by hand using normal clothing cleaning detergents.  The material used for most wetsuits requires a special shampoo that can be purchased at most surf shops or sport supply retailers. Hand-wash it, using the special detergent, once every two weeks if you are using it regularly.

Purchasing and maintaining the proper windsurfing clothing will ensure the best performance and safety while you enjoy the waves.


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