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Welcome to! If you have been searching for information about all things windsurfing then you have found the right site! Windsurfing is a relatively new activity that has only been around since the mid 1970’s years and we are here to provide you with information about it in all aspects. From windsurfing boards to mandatory equipment and even clothes; you will find all the latest information here. does not promote any one product or method, or even location.  Our mission is simply to inform you on everything you will need to know about windsurfing.  As with any other sport, windsurfing can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment, so before setting sail make sure you have all the gear and know the risks; above all have a great time!

When windsurfing was first invented in the mid 1970’s it was called sail boarding and by 1984 it had become popular enough to be added to the Olympics as a water event.  By 1997 there were companies dedicated to the production of windsurfing equipment; from various styles of windsurfing boards to clothing.  Even within the last year the American Windsurfing Industries Association pulled in over $35 million dollars of retail sales on equipment.   While windsurfing has become popular it is not accessible to everyone.  It is not a sport that can be simulated or even carried out on small bodies of water like lakes or ponds. 

There are many pieces of equipment that you need for windsurfing; from the windsurfing board to the proper clothes.  However, the mandatory pieces of equipment are provided by nature; water and wind.  However the wind doesn’t blow everywhere, and where the wind does blow there is not always water.  There are select places across the globe where wind surfing can be done at its best.  We have compiled a list of the top windsurfing spots across the world.  So grab your suitcase, your equipment and your clothes because we are taking you on a tour of the best windsurfing spots ever.

Wellington, New Zealand is a popular tourist attraction all by itself, with its wild night life and beautiful landscapes.  Wellington even has their own national ballet and a symphony orchestra not to mention luxury hotels and endless restaurants.  In addition to all of these things Wellington is among the most popular places on earth for windsurfing.  With their cool airstreams and their coast lines spanning 50-50 miles.  The water is safe and clean in its peak seasons from September to January.                                 

Lac Bay, Bonaire is not a popular tourist attraction by itself, but if you are big in the name of wakeboarding then you have been to Lac Bay.  This small Dutch Island is only 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela and the winds blow smoothly in temperatures averaging in the 80’s year round.  The water is relatively calm towards the shore; making it perfect for beginners and even swimmers.  However you reach rougher conditions perfect for windsurfing the farthest away from the shore line you travel. 

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica is the perfect place to go if you love nature.  There is an active volcano, 24 miles of coast line, tropical forests, waterfalls, biking paths and even fishing.  This is a popular place to be regardless of your hobby and resorts and top of the line hotels are scattered throughout the city.  From December to April the winds are brisk and cool creating waves upwards of five feet.  These are the perfect conditions for windsurfing stunts and cruises.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina is a popular attraction for windsurfers across the world.  It is a lesser known wonder of the United States with sand dunes, light houses, perfect scenery, and excellent conditions for windsurfing.  The breeze across the islands spanning over 200 miles creates perfect conditions for many different water sports.  However on the coastline facing towards the U.S wind is drafty and unpredictable.  Hotels and rental facilities for equipment can be found up and down the coast line.

Last, but defiantly not least, there is Maui the windsurfing capitol of the world.  From May to October the trade winds sweep through keeping temperatures in the 80’s and the water in perfect condition for windsurfing.  Even in the off season wayward winds keep Maui the perfect place for an occasional windsurfing trip and waves can reach up to 20 feet.  Year round Maui is packed with windsurfers and there is always a competition available to join in on.

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